Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill Review


Competing in the same group as the Reebok i-Run is the Roger Black Easy Layer treadmill. Focused on a target market that calls for a treadmill at home however at the same might only have a restricted amount of area. Additionally, some don’t such as a treadmill as a long-term fixture within their extra room.

Order and delivery

The order experienced fine and also I got a 40% discount from the RRP of ₤ 999 which put this just over the budget category of treadmill.

As you would anticipate the box was a lot smaller sized in comparison to your regular fixed treadmill that we have assessed lately however it still was available in at a hefty 55kg’s in its box. I still would certainly not suggest picking this up, I paid ₤ 5 shipment that was worth every dime.

Initial Arrangement

The Roger Black simple layer took simply over 15 minutes from shipment to being completely established, a brand-new record in our publications. It comes completely put together, just eliminate a catch as well as a lifting bar is offered to raise the frame into place. If you are seeking an easy configuration process, they don’t obtain a lot easier than this.

It is keys powered so will call for a power electrical outlet to be nearby.

First ideas as well as construct high quality

Impression of the Roger Black easy fold are excellent, my companion and I are originally split over what fold level treadmill we choose cosmetically, I favour the Roger black as well as she favors the Reebok i-Run. The framework and also running track on my version are black with a great bright blue cutting.

The structure has a lot more solid feel than some of the budget plan treadmills that I have evaluated in the past, however I am paying virtually ₤ 200 more.

Roger black easy fold treadmill

Roger black easy fold treadmill
Roger black easy fold treadmill

Roger black simple fold treadmill

Roger black simple fold treadmill
Roger black simple fold treadmill

1.5 HP Electric motor

Like a lot of things in life I hesitate you can’t have it all. With an entirely fold flat design and mobility being high up on the priority listing I hesitate that attributes have to take a hit. In this case the initial is that this treadmill only has a 1.5 hp motor (mentioned as peak 2hp with 1hp continual) which might leave running enthusiasts wanting a little extra. For the majority nevertheless this will appropriate for their needs.

Throughout our tests I did place it as much as the highest possible setup as well as ran for an amount of time and also really did not see that much of a reduction in outcome.

Hand-operated slope

There is likewise no slope electric motor for the Roger Black simple layer rather they have actually opted for a manual system that needs you to go down the assistances behind the treadmill to create the slope. Again most will certainly discover it suitable for their requirements yet it is lacking versus its fuller sized treadmill siblings.

The good point about the hand-operated incline system is that we tried both levels of incline as well as it was both quick and easy to adjust as well as did provide a great level of resistance.

10 User programmes

Once more not as lots of programmes as you would locate on a complete size treadmill but greater than appropriate for most of individuals who would like to make use of a workout programme as part of their health and fitness routine.

During our screening I attempted both the P2 and also P5 programmes, although for numerous this will not imply a lot there is a convenient image guide situated beside the LCD panel that will assist you to select a program that fits your needs.

Roger black easy fold treadmill main view

Roger black easy fold treadmill main view
Roger black easy fold treadmill main view

Roger black easy fold treadmill façade

Roger black easy fold treadmill façade
Roger black easy fold treadmill façade

LCD Display as well as more

The LCD present included is standard but is basic however does include all the necessaries. White numbers are clear on a white background and also consisted of with the major screen is time, calories, speed, distance and also laps.

The basic configuration is with a traditional simple switch system that allows you to promptly set your wanted program as well as speed. I do like this design as after a short time you will rapidly turn into a regular, promptly picking speeds that match your fitness degree.

MP3 playback

Attempting to squeeze added attributes into a fold level treadmill isn’t simple as space goes to a premium. I am pleasantly stunned at what has been achieved with this design as both a MP3 player and heart price monitor have actually been consisted of.

The MP3 player is good enough for the typical home individual as well as does a good job of hushing the sound of the electric motor while being used. A male to man audio cable television is provided that will certainly fit most of MP3 players or mobile phones.

What is somewhat odd is that a small rack is supplied on the feedback panel to rest your MP3 player, when you place anything on below it covers the LCD panel that reveals all your workout information.

Heart price screen

A great enhancement to this treadmill is a heart price screen located on the main frame of the treadmill. It would have behaved if they were found on the arms yet may have been difficult to suit the current layout.

Having a heart rate display enables you to adjust your workout to a cardio, cardiovascular or fat burning strength. A helpful overview is also situated in the booklet provided to aid you calculate your target degrees.


Fold-flat style

100% assembled

MP3 playback

Heart price screen


Fundamental LCD display

Hand-operated incline

No beverages holder

Final word

The fold level treadmill classification is a difficult one to mark as they do not have a few of the features of their bigger siblings yet still supply a terrific overall running experience.

If however you are constrained for room however have the space for a fold away treadmill under a bed for instance, after that this could be your ideal option. There are no significant drawbacks to the Roger Black very easy layer and also there is no reason that you can not utilize this ever before day as part of your routine workout regimen.

With the existing RRP being ₤ 999 I can’t offer it a suggestion at that value yet there have been times where this does visit a good 30-40%. This then does place it right into opinion as one of the very best pound to efficiency treadmills on the marketplace.

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