Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill Review


The Reebok Jet 300 is a configuration from its lower valued brother the Jet 100 as you would anticipate with the higher price. The inquiries I get asked the most ‘is the Jet 300 really is that better than the 100 and also what additional attributes do you obtain in addition to a change of colour?’

Shipment and also setup

Distribution was anytime from 9am to 6pm, fortunate for me it got to 9:15 am, I have to have been first on the rounds, excellent start! The elimination males lugged the bundle straight right into my extra area as well as I began unboxing virtually immediately.

Package is well packaged and slightly bigger in all measurements than the Jet 100, size 86cm, height 143cm and also length 192cm. Once more I DO NOT recommend collecting this product yourself unless there are two people as well as you have a big van. The weight of this product is a substantial 78kg’s.

Configuration went smoothly (well virtually). The established for reebok machine is extremely easy as they come primarily pre-assembled. I in some cases have problems attempting to obtain the last screw right into the main framework, it constantly requires a little bit of change to ensure the screw openings align.


The initial factor I notices about the Reebok Jet 300 is that visually it looks far better than the Jet 100. I realize that everyone has various tastes, but a throughout black structure with a dark blue tint just make this look like a different course of treadmill.

When the power lead is connected in and the button at the base of the treadmill turning on a great trendy blue LED display screen comes to life. Perhaps due to the fact that the majority of BAITED treadmills are a standard red colour, heaven again makes an actually wonderful touch.

Like my previous Jet 100 review, I was a little let down by the lack of there being an in-depth display screen, such as on the Reebok GT30. Being an updated model I was really hoping that this would certainly have been the case.

The program switches on the Jet300 once more are an almost similar suit to the Jet 100. They are clear, intense as well as make the treadmill easy to use for both professional and first time runners.

Reebok jet 300 LED display screen

Reebok jet 300 LED display screen
Reebok jet 300 LED display screen

Reebok jet 300 folded up treadmill

Reebok jet 300 folded up treadmill
Reebok jet 300 folded up treadmill

Where this treadmill begins to verify its worth is with the updated motor, this enables better running capacities that are coming to be a prominent enhancement to individuals exercise regimens. This offers you a greater full throttle of 20kph and also an unbelievable 15 levels of programmable incline.

We tested the sound degrees which came in just listed below the Jet100, this places it well within the top 3 least expensive sound generating running equipments while in operation. Making it a best choice for those that are much more noise conscious.

The no manual examination– Exactly how easy is it to operate without directions?

Within a few mins of using the maker I had the ability to perform most common requests, including select a pre-set speed, by hand rise as well as reduce rate and also incline. The pre-set programs were easy to follow and also representations on the display enable you to see how your workout program will certainly proceed with time.

The Reebok Jet 300 is equipped with the alternative to activate a fan situated within the main display screen panel of the treadmill. This is a wonderful attributes that offers some air flow and helps maintain you cool down should you be incapable to normally ensure a wind from neighboring open doors or winds.

Unlike other Reebok devices such as the GT30, the Reebok Jet 300 has two mug holders can serve as either a container holder or an mp3/phone holder. The Jet 300 likewise comes equipped with built-in audio speakers that permit you to link your MP3 player to the treadmill device through the male to male complementary wire (mine was supplied). Do not expect the sound high quality to be as good as the most up to date Bang as well as Olufsen, however it’s great to sound out all your favorite Rocky exercise tracks.

The Reebok Jet 300 is likewise furnished with a variety of safety and security attributes such as a vehicle quit safety and security function. Like lots of high-end gym treadmills, a red cable is connected to the front of the unit magnetically. This can be clipped onto your garments as well as must the cord be pulled and magnet come away from the treadmill it will certainly do an emergency quit.

The Jet 300 has a similar ‘air movement’ modern technology as the Jet 100 yet this does feel somewhat softer as you run. The arrangement is developed in a manner that limitations influence and also provides far better security to your joints suggesting the risk of injury is minimized. The running track is also slightly bigger in both size as well as length which makes it a far better overall treadmill in my point of view.

Like several portable treadmills this variation does fold into an upright position for storage space in the edge of the space or under your stairs.

jet 300 side view

jet 300 side view
jet 300 side view

Reebok jet 300 major sight

Reebok jet 300 major sight
Reebok jet 300 major sight


Wheels on the base allow very easy activity

Front dealing with follower to cool you down as you run

Excellent guarantees (Life time service warranty on the framework + 2 Years warranty on components as well as work + one decade electric motor warranty).

Inbuilt MP3 player with USB port.

Easy arrangement with easy directions.

Extremely peaceful when in operation.


Not that much of a distinction form the Jet 100.

Lacks a cutting side LCD present screen.

Final word.

The Reebok Jet 300, what do we assume? Fairly merely for the average jogger who might use a treadmill potentially once or twice a week, we would certainly advise the less expensive Jet 100. Nonetheless if this is not your initial treadmill or you mean to utilize this much more regularly, paying that bit extra specifically for the greater end electric motor will certainly indicate you obtain one of the most from the additional benefits that this treadmill has to use. Overall an additional wonderful treadmill created by Reebok that I would certainly enjoy to utilize as part of my daily workout regimen.

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