best hiking hat for hot weather

There’s no doubt that a hat for hiking is the most important item you should take with you if you choose to go hiking, no matter how the weather is. However, shielding the head in the event of a mild rain is an excellent item. It can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun even though if it is not sunny. People who are bald or shave their heads will obviously pay more attention to covering their scalp outside on long days, but some would also profit from shielding their scalps from the sun when it comes to the neck, it is important to remember that a sun hat will be used in combination with sun cream because the sun’s rays would often be mirrored from shiny surfaces (water, dirt, air, etc.). A decent sun hat can also minimize the amount of Ultraviolet rays that enter your eyes but it is often advised to wear a pair of sunglasses in direct sunshine. When choosing the best hiking hats for hot conditions, you can focus on the fabrics that are attached to your hat, e.g. interior sweatband and adjustable chin string.


  1. Tilley LTM6 Airflo
  2. Outdoor Research Sombriolet
  3. Sunday Afternoons Excursion Hat
  4. Columbia Bora Bora Booney II Hat
  5. ExOfficio BugsAway Sol Cool AdventureSun Hats to Hike


The Tilley LTM6 Airflo is made of UPF50-rated nylon but it’s the careful fabrication features that differentiate the hat – including the mesh inserts on the crown. And a stretchy Hydrofil moisture cap to hold your hair cold and closed-cell foam in the back to keep your hat floating should it falls off your hair to land on mud. Tilley caps are available in a total of nine sizes to guarantee the best match you receive. Tilley caps are best suitable for Hiking, Trekking, Backpacking, Traveling


  1. Handmade item from the best out of hat manufacturer.
  2. The designs of the mild brims completely block sunlight.
  3. Hat is made from the latest and most high-duty materials on the market


  1. Customers think it’s too costly


Sun hat is extremely convenient to wear on sunny days since the inner fabric system keeps the hat’s crown firmly over the head so hot air may escape through fabric ventilation. The base includes padding to hold the hat floating whenever you drop it around water sources, which often incorporates a separate rope around the side to prevent it from flying away on windy days.


  1. Grey underside to reduce shine Fabric style.
  2. keeps the hat slightly above the crown Cons Brim is pretty stiff.


  1. Brim is very straight. However, maximum hats are typical of.


If you want a normal looking sun hat despite weakening the sun safety criteria, you can go for an excursion hat for Sunday Afternoon. The specialized straw used to create this hat provides UPF security of 50 while still being water-resistant. Sunday afternoon excursion hats are suitable for everyday use. This Hat has an adjustable chin strap whereas a moisturizing sweatband can be adjusted inside, such that the two dimensions necessary match heads with a size between 213⁄4 and 223⁄4 inches (Medium) and 223⁄4 to 231⁄2 inches (Large). The Sunday Afternoons Excursion hat is offered in two natural colors (Soapstone and Burlap) that look just as fine in town as on the hills.




Columbia Bora Bora Columbia defines that this hat as a strong-performance hunting cap, but travelers and other outdoor people enjoy its quality almost as much. The Columbia Bora Bora Booney II hat blends a rapidly-drying UPF50 lightweight cloth with an Optical-Wick headband and anti-UPF fabric screens to ensure that your head is not just covered from the light, but still held cool in the heat. It is available in a broader variety of colors but only on one scale, unlike the other sun hats on this chart. Moreover, as the headband has an interchangeable drawcord and button in the back the One Style would suit heads with a diameter from 211⁄4 to 241⁄2 inches.


  1. Lightweight construction.
  2. Made of 100 percent nylon chain strap offers greater safety.
  3. Perfect for heat security.


  1. This hat should have been a lot more fashionable

ExOfficio Bugs Away Sol Cool Adventure:

ExOfficio Bugs Away Sol Cool Adventure hat is ideal for all of you hiking near dry and grassy places – or anywhere where you may want to shield your head from insect bites and irritations. Hiking in all these areas includes lengthy-sleeved tops and trousers but it may be more difficult to cover your skin. The ExOfficio Bugs Away Sol Cool Adventure hat is handled with Insect Shield to repel insects and is otherwise made of a quick-drying and wicking leather that offers a UPF30. The Bugs Away Mesh Brim hat comes in three colors and two sizes Size S / M fits the heads between 211⁄2 and 221⁄2 inches while size L / XL fits the heads between 23 and 241⁄2 inches.


  1. Attachable flexible chin-straps.
  2. The insect-repelling fabric net can be rolled into headband.


  1. Limited sizes UPF-rating very small compared to others


Almost all of our body-heat runs away through our heads, but if we wear a hat, we’re going to trap the heat in. The best sun hat for hot weather is Tilley Airflo LTM2 Sun Hat, Tilley caps are available in a total of nine sizes to guarantee the best match you receive Outdoor Cap Beach Bum LD-902EX 2 Straw Hat with Green Visor, Florida Lifeguard Hook & Tackle Fishing Stretch Cap Straw Hat. The Cool Swede Sun Hat 2-Pack-Fishing Safari and Summer Boonie Hat. Finding the right hiking hat for hot conditions means that while hiking you won’t have to worry about unnecessary sweating and discomfort. Tilley caps are available in a total of nine sizes to guarantee the best match you receive.