Reebok GX40s Cross Trainer Review


Resting firmly in the premium category of cross trainers is the GX40s from Reebok. Geared up with every one of the latest technological updates from Reebok exactly how does it compare to previous versions?

Order and delivery

As a review was required at short notice I needed to collect my Reebok GX40s from a neighborhood health and fitness seller at the complete RRP. If you can stay clear of collection I would because of its weight being around 57kg’s when boxed. That’s virtually at hefty as some treadmills!


I will admit that I am slightly prejudiced when it comes to Reebok equipment, at a very onset they knew that a LEGO design manual of configuration functions best, which really does make their overviews simple to comply with. They are a desire contrasted to some budget non brand treadmills that require an extra mid-day to put together with a scrappy guideline brochure.

Setup took about 1 hr 30 mins because of go across trainers needing somewhat much more building than various other equipment such as treadmills because of their layout. It is mains powered and so needs you to put the cross fitness instructor a short range from a plug outlet.

32 Degrees of stress control

As this is a top end Reebok cross trainer I was anticipating greater than its less costly modals and that’s precisely what I obtained. 32 degrees of stress control allows you to establish your ideal starting level and as you advance in strength over time you can make fine adjustments to suit.

People will normally have different starting degrees as a result of their body weight and toughness as the heavier you are the higher stress setup you will certainly need.

lady using the reebok gx40s workout

lady using the reebok gx40s workout
lady using the reebok gx40s workout

9kg fly wheel

The Reebok GX40s features a 9kg fly wheel as standard. This part is often neglected but plays a very fundamental part in each of your workouts. A 9 kg fly wheel offers you a smooth motion throughout each turning, giving you a far better total exercise.

You can tell if you have a hefty fly wheel as there will still be some forward stress as you try as well as stop. I think Reebok have the best equilibrium with the GX40s as several of their previous designs have a 7kg fly wheel that can feel a bit light for some customers.

15 inch stride length

Once again Reebok have enhanced with the current GX40s with a boosted stride size to 15 inches. This offers you the suitable stride length to offer you optimal gains throughout your workout.

It seems that Reebok have truly taken customer responses of both clients as well as specialists when it involves updating to newer models. You would certainly be surprised at the variety of brand names that fall short to fix fundamental issues that have actually been reported by several consumers.

If you are thinking about acquiring a more affordable version after that always examine the 3 essential sections as noted above.

reebok gx40s cross instructor review

reebok gx40s cross instructor review
reebok gx40s cross instructor review

A drinks owner

Reebok have actually lastly done it, unlike some of its various other greater suggested cross trainers such as the Jet 100, the GT40s has a beverages holder fitted to the neck. Finally say goodbye to having to quit and also leave the cross fitness instructor to cover up with water.

LCD show as well as user programmes

The brand-new GT40s LCD panel is cosmetically beautiful, white numbers overlay a deep blue background. Program comments remains in the center of the display in different shades of green.

Reebok have actually streamlined the buttons by decreasing the number readily available and counting extra on the LCD screen to guide the individual. They additionally have actually added the wonderful touch of bordering them with clear plastic with a blue glow. My only worry is that the button get on the little side yet the majority will certainly find this perfectly acceptable.

Also included is the conventional comments including calories charred, heart rate monitor, distance and also healing. Feedback is offered from holding the sensors that are located on the repaired handles over the LCD display.

In general they have actually done a wonderful work with the most recent upgrade and as people become much more acquainted with smartphone and also tablets they should have no problems quickly being able to utilize this system.


Excellent quantity of stress control

High performance fly wheel

15 in stride size

Clear quality LCD comments unit


Buttons tiny on the LCD present

Difficult to move, very hefty

No MP3 playback option

Final word

It’s nice understanding that Reebok actually have actually taken all the feedback on board as well as drew out an extremely top quality cross instructor. For the high RRP you anticipate high quality and also this truly does provide in every area.

If you are looking to bring a near fitness center high quality cross instructor into your residence after that the Rebook GX40s is the optimal solution.

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